Nancy Cartwright has been on TV for more than 30 years—but you might not recognize her face. The voice-over artist started her career in the 1980s, voicing characters on Richie Rich, Fat Albert and Snorks before landing the role of Bart on The Simpsons in 1989.

Now Cartwright is setting her sights on a bigger screen: In Search of Fellini is a semi-autobiographical film about her whirlwind trip to Italy and the trials in triumphs she encountered along the way.

“I met people who really stirred up my life and brought confusion and upset and also some romance and some love and some imagination and a lot of challenge,” says Cartwright. The limited-release film comes out this Friday (check here for a list of theaters showing it)—and read on to find out why Cartwright made the trek to find La Dolce Vita director Federico Fellini and what this movie means for her voice-acting career.

What’s the story behind In Search of Fellini?

It’s based on a true adventure that I took back in 1985. I was quite successful doing voice-overs, but I needed some more challenge, something to goose the muse inside me. I had been studying Fellini, one film called La Strada, and I thought maybe I could get the rights to do it on stage. So that was the impetus to go to Italy: I wanted to meet Fellini. Here I am, in my 20s, single and kind of cute and blonde, going off on a plane by myself to a country where I don’t speak the language in order to meet Fellini. I came home and I realized that my adventure was so much more interesting and challenging than adapting Fellini’s La Strada to the stage, so I decided to develop this as a one-woman show called In Search of Fellini.

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