The Spotted Cow Team

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

As an Emmy & Annie Award-winning actress, Nancy is best-known as the voice of spiky-headed underachiever Bart Simpson on Fox’s iconic hit, The Simpsons. Also included in her arsenal of characters are Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, Rod Flanders, Maggie Simpson, DataBase Kearney, and Chuckie from Rugrats, Rufus, the naked mole-rat from Kim Possible and Mindy from Animaniacs. Nancy has also appeared in a wide variety of films and television shows as an actor. She executive produced and co-wrote the feature film In Search of Fellini. Visit for full coverage of her career.

Monica Gil

Monica Gil has worked in the movie production business for more than a decade. Under her recent tenure at Spotted Cow Entertainment, she produced the feature film In Search of Fellini.

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke has worked with Nancy Cartwright since 2001. He is the CFO of Spotted Cow and the CEO/owner of Wiseman & Burke Business Management for 26 years—servicing major celebrities from every sector of the entertainment industry. He executive produced the feature film In Search of Fellini.