24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub

24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub

Mary Lynn Rajskub’s first love is stand-up comedy. Her new one-woman show, directed by Spotted Cow’s Peter Kjenaas, has audiences rolling in the aisles with unexpectedly revealing and hilarious anecdotes from her life, travels as a stand-up comic, motherhood and even her experiences on 24.

The appearances for Mary Lynn’s show were


  • Better known to some as Chloe from TV show 24, Mary Lynn Rajskub proves she also has skills in rubbery faced, relatable, confessional stand-up too. Although the senior intelligence analyst she played in the series was often furrowed of brow and deadly… MORE
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub is best known for her role in hit American TV series 24, and that notoriety is certainly helping her to draw in a crowd. As a comedian, she has little presence in the UK, but she seems set to have a successful debut at the fringe. But, while it might be her fame as an actor that brings the punters in, they’re unlikley to leave disappointed if tonight’s performance is anything to go by. Because she’s really very good.… MORE

24 Hours With Mary Lynn Rajskub is produced by Spotted Cow Entertainment and Marshall Cordell.

Mary Lynn Rajskub photo by Irwin Miller
Image by Irwin Miller