In Search of Fellini’s Maria Bello to be Honored at L.A. Italia Fest

Feb 8, 2017

The world premiere of her new film, AMBI’s In Search of Fellini, will close out the festivities.

Actress Maria Bello will be honored at the 12th annual L.A. Italia Film Fest with the fest’s Excellence Award in recognition of her long acting career and work as a human rights activist.

The world premiere of Bello’s new film, AMBI’s In Search of Fellini, will close out the festival. The coming-of-age-drama directed by Taron Lexton is about a small-town Ohio girl who after discovering the films of Federico Fellini, sets off on a bizarre journey across Italy to find him. Ksenia Solo and Mary Lynn Rajskub also star.

Nancy Cartwright, most famously the voice of Bart Simpson, penned the script, based on her own life, with Peter Kjenaas.

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