Spotted Cow?

For decades Nancy Cartwright has had a sculpture of a cow in her front yard. “Milk Dud,” has been a fixture and iconic symbol of the universe of the truly inspiring and creative force that Nancy is. Spotted Cow became the perfect symbol for her new production vehicle to bring film, television and animation projects into existence.

Nancy Cartwright

As an Emmy & Annie Award-winning actress, Nancy is best known as the voice of spikey-headed underachiever Bart Simpson, but also gives voice to Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, Todd Flanders, Maggie Simpson, DataBase and Kearney in the town of Springfield on Fox’s 26-year-iconic hit, The Simpsons. Needless to say, it is the longest running scripted TV series in history—starting it 31st year in production. In her thirty-plus-year career at the microphone, Nancy has lent her voice to hundreds of other award-wining animated series, including Rugrats (Chuckie); Kim Possible (Rufus the Naked Mole Rat); Richie Rich (Gloria); Animaniacs (Mindy); The Replacements (Todd) as well as Pinky and the Brain; The Critic; God, The Devil and Bob; Mike, Lu & Og; and Chuck Jones’ final work, Timberwolf.

Nancy, while best known for her work at the microphone, is not camera shy. She has held memorable roles in numerous television series and movies including FAME, EMPTY NEST, Cheers, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, TWILIGHT ZONE-THE MOVIE and GODZILLA, as well as a lead in the TV movie Marian Rose White. In live theatre, Nancy has performed two highly acclaimed one-­‐woman shows: My Life as a Ten-Year-Old-Boy, based on her book of the same name; and In Search of Fellini, based on a true life experience, for which she won an LA Dramalogue Award. In May 2015, Nancy’s artistry lit up another field on both USA coasts: Fine Arts, Sculpture. She created a bronze portrait bust of Bart Simpson, which she gifted to FOX Corporation and to the University of Southern California (USC), School of Cinematic Arts. The Bartman sculpture is on permanent display outside the News Corp building on Avenue of the Americas in NYC; and a second Bartman sculpture is permanently installed in USC’s Cinematic Arts Complex, Steven Spielberg building.

Under her production company banner, Cartwright Entertainment, Nancy was a very early entry into the world of Digital Entertainment producing with Turner Broadcasting and NASCAR a critically acclaimed animated series called The Kelly’s. Today, as a producer and writer, she is currently in post-production on a feature film IN SEARCH OF FELLINI. Next up for Spotted Cow is a partnership with Parkside Pictures and Dark Rabbit Productions on a film with James Franco entitled THE INSTITUTE, to be released in late 2016. The plot and further production details are currently under wraps and will be announced soon. For Nancy’s full biography, visit

Monica Gil

Vice President of Spotted Cow and Producer, Monica Gil has worked in the movie production business for over 10 years. Monica has worked on the finance side as well as the press tours for the marketing and distribution phase for major motion pictures that have grossed millions in box office sales. These include: Disney’s WILD HOGS, New Lines Cinema’s HAIRSPRAY, Disney’s BOLT, Sony’s THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123, Europa French Production, FROM PARIS WITH LOVE. As the Vice President and Producer, she is handling the connections for financing & the producing of the companies’ films. Under her tenure at Spotted Cow’s she has received a Producer credit for IN SEARCH OF FELLINI and Executive Producer on a film with Parkside Pictures & Dark Rabbit Productions for a film with James Franco that is currently filming.

Monica Padro

Kevin Burke

CEO / Owner of Wiseman & Burke Business Management for 26 years servicing major celebrities from every sector of entertainment.

Prior to that Mr. Burke was the Tour Manager and Business Manager for a renowned musician for 5 years managing worldwide tours.

Mr. Burke also produced several plays and has been a public speaker over 200 times to many groups on finances and investing.

Kevin Burke